I was a bit slack keeping up with what we did this day- But basically it consisted of the following…

Lego (Mummy drew out some shapes and asked Mayhem if he could find the right blocks to make these ‘towers’- He gladly got to work!)

Drawing- Mischief loves to draw. They grab out their books that Mama gave them and away they go. Mayhem showed me how he drew the number 10! He asked me to take a picture and show Daddy (done).

Tidying and sorting. -Mayhem decided half way through making the block towers that he needed to find more blocks- and the best way to do so would be to tidy up his toys and sort them out.

Baking- made some yummy cookies with Mama.

Fishing farm game- Mayhem showed Mama how great he is at catching the bears and making lots of money selling fish eggs.

Watch hi5- Mischief loves dancing and singing away.

Did I mention that Monkey is now crawling? He’s rather cleaver now at moving around the place!