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October 2016

Day 143…

Well today Mama & Grandad leave for 5 weeks overseas holiday/ working…

So we spent the morning catching up with Aunty S and the boys at Chipmunks- we burnt off loads of energy and had a blast! Climbing, sliding, twirling, running, jumping- we put balls on the machine that blew air and watched the balls hover in front of us, we hopped over the pretend crocodiles in the lake and we shot balls from the ball gun machines… so much excitement in one morning…

We then all slept in the car as we headed toward the airport..

We had lunch at the airport and checked out the games, we met up with Mama and Grandad and waved them off… before heading home – we saw airplanes taking off and landing- it was all really neat!

Home again we haad baths, made dinner, watched movies and read before bed time.


Day 142…

Oxi had another round of hydrotherapy this morning- He has AMAZINGLY started walking again- Just in the knick of time! (Talk of having to put him down -suddenly he sprung to life again and gave us reason to keep at the therapy and treatment!!! YAY!!!

So like a true royal- He was lovingly pampered ad looked after.

Then up to Nanny & Grandads we went to visit our cousins and play and hang out with the family… and of course we all lived up to our nicknames- when we found the talcum powder and tipped it ALL OVER the room!!! It was sooo much fun and we all looked like little ghosts when we’d finished.

Then it was time for little picnics and our favourite Paw Patrol programme

We played together, built with our blocks and chased each other around until we were all tuckered out and ready to go home.


Day 141…




Day 140…

Coffee dates with mummy

Star Wars card collecting and sorting

We had afternoon naps- even though we were persistent that we didn’t need them! hehe

We read

Sang songs

Listened to Beatrix Potter audio books

And as always we played!


Day 139…

We started off the rainy day with a yummy nutritious shake!

Lots of cuddles

Grocery shopping -Mayhem did lots of helping

We played with our toys

Made a fortress

And then got up to too much mischief and mayhem and monkeying around…

so our day ended with a Monkey having a check up at A&E …and Mayhem with a very large cut to his head!!!

I suppose when you’re adventurous these things are bound to happen!

Day 138…

We did a great job helping mummy with the washing today

and we turned the baskets into boats- we sung pirate songs and then retreated outside to find some treasure… unfortunately that meant Mischief decided to go searching on the roof… the child is fearless!

We played outside on the swing and in the garden together- we took turns swinging and counting- seeing how high we could go

And we have a new obsession with Mayhem- Star Wars… we have collected cards from the supermarket- so he spent some time sorting through all his favourite characters this afternoon


Day 137…

Oxi had his first hydrotherapy session today

Mischief and Mayhem had a lovely day on the farm at kindy today

and helped mummy get some stuff from the shops- being such good kids we stopped for a fluffy and some marshmellows

We went home to Mama and helped make cookies

Had baths

Read books and had dinner before bedtime

Day 136…

A morning getting haircuts for Mayhem and Monkey (his first hair cut!)

Helped mummy get a few things from the supermarket

We had lunch at Nannas- playing on the trampoline

And a quiet afternoon at home catching up with Daddy and playing in the warm afternoon sun!

Day 135…

Because Mayhem had worked so hard at doing jobs and earning his money and Mama left the kids with $5 each before she & Grandad went away for their holiday- he had enough money to buy his toy!

So off we went to find some toys! …when we got to the toy shop though- Mayhem decided that he didn’t want the toy that he’d saved up so hard for- instead he wanted to replace a broken toy of his and save again for the other toy… Mischief was so happy with her little purchase… They both gave the toys to the lady at the counter- gave her the money and took the change and receipt.

Then we stopped in at the pet shop and had a look at the animals- the lady even let us help feed the fish.

Then Daddy came home from his week away working down south!!!

And we looked after our Oxi boy!



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