Oxi had another round of hydrotherapy this morning- He has AMAZINGLY started walking again- Just in the knick of time! (Talk of having to put him down -suddenly he sprung to life again and gave us reason to keep at the therapy and treatment!!! YAY!!!

So like a true royal- He was lovingly pampered ad looked after.

Then up to Nanny & Grandads we went to visit our cousins and play and hang out with the family… and of course we all lived up to our nicknames- when we found the talcum powder and tipped it ALL OVER the room!!! It was sooo much fun and we all looked like little ghosts when we’d finished.

Then it was time for little picnics and our favourite Paw Patrol programme

We played together, built with our blocks and chased each other around until we were all tuckered out and ready to go home.