Mayhem was gifted a few Star wars Math and alphabet workbooks for Christmas which has been so fantastic! Since the beginning of the year we’ve been sitting down every now and then when he’s felt like it and he goes all out doing the activities- I’ve been quite impressed.
To keep up to date with the kinds of everyday learning he’s encountered I am keeping a daily planner and jotting down any skills/ subjects that we have covered that day- more for myself so that I can go back and see any progress he is having in certain areas or where the learning may have occurred if ever i felt curious.

As of late we’ve encountered a bit of a shake up to the family- Grandad had a heart attack just days ago and is awaiting surgery- he is staying in hospital until he has his operation. We were feeling a bit curious as to what happens when someone has a heart attack and what might happen in a bypass surgery so we watched a couple of (kid friendly) videos. Then we printed off some pictures of broken hearts and band aids and created some nice pictures to take into grandad the following day.

We spent quite a bit of time at the hospital yesterday and watched a few ambulance come in and out of the station ready to rescue!

It’s also had me looking for other resources that might be useful at this time as we explore the body and how it works and stumbled across this website:

Surgery is booked for next week so moving into February is going to be a little different to how we had envisioned… updates will come as to how our first ‘trial year’is going.