Now that their Grandad has successfully had his Quintuple bypass surgery and been discharged from hospital- to say things are getting back to normal for the kids isn’t quite on par… Because of Dads recovery we’ve chosen to push our house move forward and start planning to evacuate within a few weeks!

The changes that have occurred have definitely seen changes in Mayhem more than the other two- and of course it’s been difficult for the entire family, but with the support of family and friends we have been coping.

To try and help Mayhem and Mischief with their behaviour I found some of the Super Nanny reward charts and popped them on the wall along with some ideas of how we could achieve the results we wanted- such as listening (& what listening might ‘look’ like -give me 5), being kind- sharing, picking up our toys etc.
This went incredibly well on the first day & Mayhem was so close to reaching his reward, but unfortunately back tracked a wee bit… we then spent some time choosing rewards they might like and printing them off and sticking them beside the charts as motivation.

Needless to say we had hoped we would be closer to toilet training with Mischief- we are getting there slowly however (little steps). The move being thrown in will no doubt unsettle the kids a bit, and we’re hopeful that it will give us a chance to create some new routines and have a fresh start.

I have found some great home school events and programmes on that start this week so I am intending to take Mayhem along to meet and mingle with some other families -the programme with looks awesome!

I often find myself feeling conflicted when talking with people about our choice to keep Mayhem home. It’s been a constant battle since we expressed that we might go down this path- as I’m sure many home schooling/ unschooling/ natural learning parents come across and I think getting your head around other peoples ideals and expectations can feel hard at times. I have to pop into my facebook groups every now and then or read a good blog/ article to remind myself of why I have chosen this path… this post from one blog in particular did this for me tonight…
“Freedom” …’Yes! That is what I want for my children!!!’
I can recall so many times when all I wanted to do was stay at home, be with my family, read books I actually liked reading, paint whatever i wanted- rather than a boring display put together of which i had absolutely no interest… to not feel judged by my peers and then change to fit in… to feel safe and secure to be me. I want my children to continue to be themselves- loud, rambunctious, curious, playful, creative selves- whenever and however they feel they should.

I feel like this path will give them what deep down I truly believe matters most.