So you may have noticed that i haven’t been posting much at all this year- this is because I found that blogging was taking up a lot of time to keep up with- however I love that i have a place to keep any links or educational ideas that pop up and may be helpful for future adventures… Are we still on the everyday educating road?? YES!!!


We moved out of my parents home a couple of months ago and had to get settled in- and during this time I found that keeping u with our everyday education easier to document through Facebook… so for more regular updates on our everyday adventures- other parents/ families interested in what families like ours do day- to- day… you can find the Everyday Educate page by searching on Facebook!


Well… I’ve been doing a lot of observation with Mayhem, we are pretty cruisey and go with the flow a lot… when a learning opportunity arises -we usually take the time to jump into the moment and dive deeper into his current interests/ questions/ developments.

Progress: I am allowing his learning to happen naturally rather than forcing anything on him- when he decides he’d like to do work book activities- I sit down and help him as he needs & give him lots of praise and encouragement.

He is beginning to take greater interest in reading- asking what words say, trying to follow more when reading books and asking if we can learn to read.. so we are practising the sounds letters make more often and identifying the letters we see.

He also is showing more skill in writing letters too – currently H, I & O are favourites and he is able to identify the name of the letter as well as write them- when i asked how he knew these he replied “I just do”… discussing this with my husband we think possibly the DVDs he’s watched or more likely from his ‘Frozen’ leap frog game- have been helping this development.

Last night he announced that he couldn’t rhyme very well (not sure where this came from) so we talked a little about what rhyming sounds like and identified that the END of the words need to sound the same- after a few wrong tries he quickly picked up which words rhymed- and went off to bed yelling out pairs of rhyming words “Toes…Nose!” …it carrying on after breakfast this morning “Bed…Dead!” …I think it’s safe to say he’s pretty good at rhyming now! (Also calls for some Dr. Seuss reading this week!

PHOTOGRAPHY is also another thing Mayhem is really getting into- having the leapfrog has helped with this- and now he’s moved on to trying out our phones whenever he gets the chance- so I am going to be encouraging him more with some photo projects (I got the idea yesterday while we were in the park & he wanted to take photos- usually he will take a gazillion so I gave him the task of THREE photos and I instructed him on what to look for: 1 photo of an interesting stick, 1 of a flower and 1 of a leaf with interesting patterns OR 2 different colours… He loved this and it kept him occupied nicely… so i have jumped online in search of some project ideas and stumbled across this site with 11 photo projects for kids…

…can’t wait to give these a go and post up Mayhems pictures!


So anyway- on the whole we are all well and the kids are still getting used to not living in the “Big House”with their grandparents- it makes our days with them lots of fun however as they now really enjoy the odd sleepover… MAGICAL MOMENTS we like to call them 🙂

We hope you are all enjoying your Easter holidays and staying safe!