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December 2016




Term 4: Days 144+… 190

Well what can I say… life got pretty busy this last ‘term’ with mummy starting a bit of a business from home, the Grandparents going on holiday for over a month, birthdays galore, halloween, family returning home, parties, Christmas almost here… and just LIFE in general!!!

What have we been up to these past few months that we’ve been off the radar?

Well- the usual mayhem, mischief and monkeying around…

Getting muddy in the garden, enjoying outings with family and friends, shopping trips, gypsy fairs, beach fun, library trips, bike riding – adventuring, dressing up, reading books, watching movies, watching episodes> my goodness how Mayhem got into episodes!!! Dinosaur playing, train engineering, block building, baking, eating- eating creations, eating out- trying new authentic foods- that was fun! Water play, playground fun, park adventures, art making – we made some fun decorations for Halloween using recycled materials…(cans that we hung up with ribbon attached to make ghosts… and toilet rolls with our handprints attached to make bats, and toilet rolls and old string we used to create giant spiders that we hung up outside our front door!)

…and of course mess making… Looking after our animals – which include our newest aditions… Our tropical fish and GIANT snail!!! … and just Making the most of the sunshine now that Summer is here!!!


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