This has been a fun first week-although a little tiring as I got my head around how to work and use my first blog.

One thing you realize when you “educate” in this way is that pretty much every activity -whether daily routine or new experience- is a learning experience/ opportunity… we are continuously learning new things (or making more permanent the things we’ve already come to know) all the time.

As their educator my mind is constantly ticking off the different types of learning and development that is going on as I observe, with fascination, my kids exploring, playing and having fun in the world around them. They feel safe to test the limits, take risks and push boundaries- this can make way for some pretty big personalities… (watch out for the teen years I hear my mother sniggering).

Speaking of testing limits and pushing boundaries- I somehow managed to miss adding the wonderful artwork that Mayhem and Mischief achieved this week… please observe:

This is why they have their nicknames! Mayhem took great pleasure in putting his design all over Daddy’s car, whilst Mischief took to the family computer with a permanent marker- Oh the Joys!

Along with the hiccups we’ve shared some magical moments together and being in that moment as well as being able to document and share it has been wonderful.


Are our days purely “student lead”? Well- sure there are times that I will instigate an activity or subject- I’ve pulled out the instrument box, the bubbles or decided where to take a trip- But most of the time the children have chosen the activity, pulled out a kite or pleaded to play on the bikes (for the umpteenth time).. and when I have instigated a subject- they have been left to explore things for themselves.. so Yes it is student lead, but a facilitator of learning still needs to introduce ideas/ subjects areas which children have not yet investigated in order for them to try it out and “see” if they do have interest in these things- Remember…

“You don’t know what you don’t know”

What have I learnt from this week? I have learnt that my children are amazing little explorers, not so sure about hunters- but definitely gatherers  by nature (mostly all the crap they can find hidden in the house)and they LOVE and thrive being outdoors!

I’ve also learnt that having an extra pair of hands to help is invaluable! Our current living situation has actually helped in this area and it’s really lovely to be able to share the journey with my mother (aka Mama) who is currently out of work and staying home helping me- which makes dealing with a 6 week old, a toddler and pre-schooler that much easier…THANK YOU MUM!


An EVERYDAY EDUCATION opens your eyes to your childrens capabilities as well as their potentials- perhaps by coincidence, but I’ve noticed this week how many new words Mischief is trying out and stringing together. It’s heart warming to observe and exciting to encourage.

Just days before I started this journey (at the same time I started this blog) Mayhem taught himself how to pedal on his bike- As you can see looking back through the week- it has become a favoured activity which he insists he do daily and seen ss Mischief wants to do everything her older brother does (but can’t ride a bike yet) it has meant I’ve done a tad more walking  than usual (mostly in circles)- hopefully the extra exercise will pay off by the end of the term!


What excites me about this journey? I sat down with Daddy and discussed what we really wanted the kids to learn from An Everyday Education– and our list was something that felt so real, so meaningful and wholesome… the kinds of learning experiences that ignite imagination and fill your days with magical moments…  then I saw this quote:


…and I thought- YES! I hope that my children will get an education that is creative, passionate and inspiring… and continue their learning through a full rich and wonderful life… and hopefully (with much excitement for the endless possibilities) this journey will take us there.